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Automated Forex Trading And Software - Does It Really Work?

Any new trader or one looking to get into forex trading has probably looked for an automated system, or a system that's going to do the thinking for them. It's easy to do a simple search and find countless automated forex systems, however the difficult part is not in finding them but identifying the ones that....MORE

Trading Forex - Exploiting Weekend Gaps

Most trading is done using some type of technical analysis. There is an almost infinite number of indicators which can be used in myriad of ways. Trend lines, retracement levels, Fibonacci numbers, Elliot wave analysis, candlestick patterns, point and figure charting are also widely used. Just about any...MORE

Forex Robot - A Simple Free System the Pro's Use For Huge Gains and Has Made Millions

Here we are going to look at a free forex robot the pro traders use to make millions and you can too. It's simple to understand, time efficient and works. Forex robots have a bad name in general because most sold online have never even been traded for real and the track records are just simulations on paper...MORE

Video Training Guide For Operating A Currency Trading Business

Just as the stock broker cannot lose money in the stock market by selling stock to others (as he's just the middle man) as long as the stock changes hands he gets paid... whether that stock went up or down that day. It simply doesn't matter to him... as long as people are buying and selling, he makes money...MORE




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